‘And I remember myself in my tie dye sweater’: but conveniently forgot the crocheted tank tops.

Here’s a digest of all bashful posts on Kinks topics as I’ve realised it’s pretty hard to navigate around the site for some reason. So, for instance, the Dave Davies satsang posts are listed under the relevant heading below, in chronological order so that they hopefully make a little more sense. Likewise the speculation about the relationship between the Davies brothers …

General Kinks stuff

Kinks reunion

Kinks film and casting


‘While Dave the Rave hit the rock’n’roll riffs’: Dave’s currently playing gigs in the US.

Kinks London tours

Dave Davies satsang weekends


‘You were the best friend I ever knew’: Mick and Ray are still mates.

Relationships Dave/Ray/Mick

Dave’s new girlfriend

Ray solo shows


‘I hated my textbooks and my school uniform’: well, the trousers at any rate.

Kinks lyrics

Incidental mentions of Kinks

Poems on Kinks themes


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