‘You’re self-assured and you’re dressed in fancy clothes’: Michael Mosley gets my vote.

In view of the fact that Jeremy Thomas is planning to make a movie about the Kinks, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for actors in other films who might make credible Ray or Dave Davies.

Saw a guy in horror flick Last House on the Left the other night and thought he might make a good young Dave Davies in the upcoming You Really Got Me film.

His name is Spencer Treat Clark and Google/IMDB seem to show that he was a child actor.

‘I hear you’re on the run from law and order’: Spencer Treat Clark –  a young desperado Dave.

To be directed by Julien Temple with a screenplay by Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, the film is set to zero in on the volatile relationship between brothers Ray and Dave Davies. Plenty of material there, I should say and conflict is meant to be the lifeblood of drama. Just hope it’s not Julien’s lifeblood by the end of the day. These are braver men than I.

But I would personally love to see Michael Mosley take on the Dave role from about 1979 on. This actor seems to have graduated from various unnamed parts, some in lousy romcoms like 27 Dresses, in which he’s abar dude (he’s also played a stoner and a lowlife) to meatier roles as crazed killers, etc.

‘You had such good ways’: a smile from Dave.

But I first saw him as Ted Vanderway in Pan Am, a character rather like the younger Davies brother, quick with his fists, who starts off pretty shallow, his main priority in life to bed as many desirable women as possible. However, rather as I imagine Dave did, he achieves this with such an appealing blend of charm, bravado and entitlement that you can’t help rooting for him. He nearly ends up married to a lesbian in the show, which you might say would qualify as some kind of poetic justice.

Plus, I just saw on IMDB that Mosley is the former guitarist of Cedar Falls band Hostage Boy, which has a decidedly kinky ring.

Dave was extraordinarily gorgeous but may perhaps be easier to cast than Ray because goodlooking in a more conventional way. Whereas his brother’s beauty is of a more rarefied, idiosyncratic nature and could pose a greater problem.

The main challenge with Dave I would guess will be his unusual soft speaking voice. It’s hard to even describe it so I don’t know how you’d go about mimicking it. It’s truly unique, with a plaintive quality that somehow conveys his humour and humility as much as anything he says might.

Anyone agree/disagree or in the know about who’s in the running for the roles and who’s running the casting?

Here’s a micro clip of Ted and Laura (Margot Robbie) moments from Pan Am.

In this long interview about his role as David in Room 314 he gestures a lot in a Dave Davies fashion, if you’ve ever watched Dave interviews. Not to mention chewing gum all the way through, as Dave does in some Kinks shows.

Beautiful smile too.

For another blogger’s suggestions for the roles, see http://sshh-sshh.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/who-should-play-ray-and-dave-davies-in.html

And for my further thoughts on candidates for the roles of Mick Avory and Pete Quaife, see my everybody’s in movies blog.

All lyrics from kindakinks.net, as per.


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  1. Erik_I says:

    Bam Margera would be ideal if he would lose some weight. He’s got the looks as well as the personality to match,

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