‘Nature sure gave you such a beautiful nose’, not to mention beautiful everything else: a gratuitous ‘photo of Dave Davies’ looking gorgeous.

As we reach the end of another year, I began to take stock of the various search terms that had led people to bashfulbadgersblog during 2012 (oh, those idle moments when you can’t face doing anything productive) and found the exercise quite entertaining, enlightening, in some cases sobering, not to mention perplexing. It never fails to yield a few moments of bemusement, especially when the hits are low.

The latest one I noticed was a search for ‘taxi lights’. Now who searches for that? And why? And it certainly doesn’t point directly to my blog as I’ve tried it. They must have persevered through any amount of page results before reaching it. And I imagine it was a quote from ‘Waterloo Sunset’ when I did include it.

My favourites among the more bizarre include

  • www plastic rainwear homo
  • another casual word for fuck it up
  • richard thompson daughter flamingo
  • truly your heart
  • may my story unwind like a thread
  • dumb cunts must watch too much tv or something these days
  • what the fuck is smart casual
  • jackie leven i love your arse neighbour
  • jackie leven those in peril on youtube
  • smart casual for over sixties
  • shop owners in turnpike lane, london, in 1960s
  • sketch of a real reptilian humanoid
  • spiritual refreshment
  • bashful lesbi pic
  • destination undisclosed
  • bashful hateful words and comments
  • laura robson bum
  • teen with braces acting bashful
  • black spunkers [not one that I’ve dared look up myself]
  • mining memorabilia 1984 strike badgers
  • brawlings farm riding centre [a particularly mystifying one but then I saw the next and that kind of took the biscuit]
  • i love one direction band one inch wristband wide 1″ [I confess to a penchant for Aiden Grimshaw, especially his versions of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and ‘Thriller’ but, dangerously eclectic as my tastes may be, I do have to draw the line at One Direction]

It’s evident that some people approach Google, Yahoo! and any other search engine in a rushed stream-of-consciousness fashion, rather endearingly typing in whatever happens to be in their head at that moment before despatching those thoughts into the ether.

On a more obviously Kinks-related level we have:

  • david davies chewin gum
  • dave davies naked on stage [you wish, we all wish]
  • dave davies yelling “fuck off” interview ray davies kinda kinks
  • ray davies introduces dave davies mr death of a clown
  • mick avory face pulling
  • dave davies kinkdom come and put your name on it
  • disingenuous ray davies
  • ray davies great arse
  • ray davies delicate
  • dave davies gay
  • dave davies gay affair with
  • ray davies kinks quote asshole
  • kinks ray davies hired band for the last three notes
  • “ray davies” more than somewhat

‘Is this the live version of I’m not like everybody else?’: yes.

Some folk basically just ask the question they want answered.

  • is mick avory dead or alive
  • is this the live version of I’m not like everybody else
  • does (sic) ray davies and david davies from the kinks get on as brothers
  • has ray davies got a warm up act 2012
  • where did dave davies from the kinks do his documentary
  • has ray davies a fan club
  • why did dave davies leave kinks
  • is dave davies a vegetarian
  • why did dave davies and mick avory fall out
  • ray davies who is his girlfriend at the moment

Others are more perfunctory and utilitarian, inputting the basic key words (my own style, I’m afraid), like some romantic who’s searched for Mick, Rasa, Ray, Dave and others plus ‘net worth’. Who are these people and why do they need to know that? Examples include:

  • photos of dave davies of the kinks
  • truly dave davies
  • peter quaife drink problem
  • ray davies catholic
  • rare kinks film face to face
  • kinks – 19 stitches in head
  • dave davies ufos
  • ray davies cup of tea
  • bass guitars played by pete quaife
  • mick avory biography
  • movie on the kinks
  • naked photo ray davies
  • mick avory dave davies fight

Many focus on the relationship between Ray and Dave, something that I’ve delved into at hypothetical length as it’s undoubtedly an intriguingly conflicted one.

'They can't resist your smile': an image of Ray.

‘They can’t resist your smile’: the mercurial Ray Davies in the 70s, probably just before punching brother Dave.

  • dave davies and ray davies rivalry
  • ray & dave davies relationship
  • imaginary man vs kinkdom come
  • ray davies hates brother
  • altercations in the kinks
  • ray davies and dave davies relationship
  • ray davies dave davies fight
  • why do ray and dave davies hate each other
  • dave davies ray davies relationship
  • ray davies introduces dave davies mr death of a clown
  • the davies brothers fighting
  • ray & dave davies
  • davies brothers relationship

Then we also want to know about the Davies brothers’ relationships with others, with many folk looking up the wives, ex-wives, current partners, ex-partners, either by name or just by ‘girlfriend/partner’. Lisbet, Rasa, Kate, Chrissie Hynde all crop up regularly but Karen Eyo has far outstripped them all, easily initiating the most interest of late.

Today’s alone include

  • mick avory wife
  • ray davies’ girlfriends
  • ray davies girlfriend Karen
  • dave davies partner kate

Property and locations make up another popular inquiry topic. Witness

  • who lives in denmark terrace+kinks
  • dave davies house in the highlands
  • 87 fortis green
  • dave davies retreat in somerset
  • david davies satsang house devon
  • dave davies kinks property
  • ray davis midhurst avenue muswell hill London
  • ray davies denmark terrace
  • dave davies kinks home dartmoor
  • dave davies exmoor
  • fortis green kinks house
  • kinks london bridge
  • denmark terrace fortis green
  • ray davies bought house

And so on, ad infinitum.

But ‘Kinks reunion’ is a perennial favourite and serves to reveal how many people are waiting for this to happen.

It’s also gratifying to see the number of different and sometimes obscure countries where searches originated, illustrating the international appeal of the band.

But enough musing and thanks for reading. Hope you had a great 2012 but that 2013 is better. Lyrics from kindakinks.net. Thanks to my friend Pamela for the photo of Dave.


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