arg2alejandro –

his solemn childlike

heart-shaped face,

unruly brows above

a placid and untroubled

expression, he’s a poem

in a white ribbed vest.


argandmikehe awkwardly holds

his own arms as if

feeling himself to

make sure he’s real

and still all there.

or as if just in need

of a little affection.


arg1nods and smiles

and ducks his head

to compliments that

summon up his shyness,

along with pinkness

to his cheeks, and leave

him uncertain where

to place his gaze.


argandguitaran innocence

spills out from him

like radiance

from the sun

behind a cloud

(or a light from under the door

of the room next door).


his cheeks rosy

and guileless

betray a slight unease.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

but his heart is open

like an outstretched

hand offered to

a lone horse

in a stranger’s



For more on Shakey’s music, see another bashful blog.


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