Thought I’d reblog Kinks tours in case people want to do to commemorate the 50th anniversary of ‘You Really Got Me’.

bashfulbadgers blog

‘It’s only a stormy sky’: above the Coldfall Estate, where Pete Quaife once lived.

‘Just remember all the good times that you had’: happier days

A dinner at a friend’s in Walthamstow and a sunny Saturday afternoon made the perfect excuse to sneak in some more Kinks-related sights. We’ve totally abandoned any attempt to do a Kinks Little or Great North London Tour as our progress always ends up being too shambolic. Clutching my further-annotated hand-drawn map from our first Kinks adventure, we set forth with just a basic idea of where we might end up going.

Disembarking at East Finchley tube, we repair to a presumably new, local café imaginatively monikered ‘New Local Café’, where the service is fast and friendly and the staff know the customers’ names and inquire about their relatives. Go for the ever-good-value breakfasts (veggie ones available) to fortify us for Fortis Green and our…

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