‘The new kid in town’: Eagles Timothy B. Schmit and Don Henley flank 1D’s Niall Horan.

Maybe the Eagles (touring the US at the moment) will reach a preteen audience desperate to see Niall Horan of 1D in the buff, the young heartthrob having pledged to dance naked in the front row at one of their gigs.[1]

Thrilled to meet his all-time musical heroes at the premiere of the film History of the Eagles,[2] he posed for a photo with Timothy B. Schmit and Don Henley, which he tweeted along with the declaration that in the event of a tour, ‘I‘ll be there starkers at the front!

Perhaps Niall has already fulfilled his promise, I don’t know. Maybe he hasn’t got along to a show yet or is waiting for a UK tour. Somehow I doubt whether it will ever come to pass.

The Eagles already appeal to all generations but this development can only extend the band’s legendary fanbase.

Perhaps the veteran country rockers had some words of advice for Niall about coping with the excesses of the rock’n’roll lifestyle, as they’re rumoured to have capitalised on all it had to offer and emerged whole the other end (if not always the best of friends), even Joe Walsh, possibly the worst offender when it came to overindulgence and unruly rockstar behaviour.[3]

Niall, reportedly Simon Cowell’s favourite member of the group (I suspect they share a similar taste in music, with the pop mogul’s known affection for ‘Desperado’, often prevailing on his mentees to essay renditions on The X Factor), has also sported an Eagles 75 shirt, as pictured everywhere recently.


‘Everyone else in the room can see it’: Harry Styles is determined to be the first to strip off while the other lads check out his butt.

I admire the fact that the nineteen-year-old star is proud to claim allegiance to a band originally formed in 1971, often tweeting their lyrics to fans.[4]

Suddenly I have a whole new respect for One Direction. Well, not really. But still. Who would have thought?

For more on Timothy B. see

[2] It is not known whether any of the Eagles repaid the compliment by attending the premiere of This Is Us, the newly released One Direction film.

[3] Joe even had a ‘mentor in chaos’, namely The Who’s drummer Keith Moon. If anyone ever had less need of such a mentor than Walsh, I can’t think of them.

[4] He is also a fan of Frank Sinatra and Bon Jovi.


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