Back for good: Dallas is returning for a third season.

Back for good? Dallas is returning for a third season.

After becoming hooked on the new Dallas, now (thank the Lord) promised a third season, I emailed a friend about the delicious perils of ‘liking’ Josh Henderson (who plays John Ross Ewing III) on Facebook.

Protesting rather too much, methinks, I quibbled:

‘But you know now he keeps pestering me by sending photos, Valentines, messages, etc. … Just won’t leave me alone. … Might have to take out a restraining order.’

As if.  Like I don’t totally love it. Because, let’s face it, we are the generation for whom there’s no such thing as too much information.

Our Josh does seem to be a bit of a (no, make that a whole lot of a) fame junkie and general media harlot, displaying a flair for self-promotion that borders on the genius without ever toppling into overkill.

In his early years as a budding star this manifested itself in an endearing proclivity to photograph himself while posing in front of the mirror in his underwear before posting said candid and revealing self-portraits on the internet. Talk about easy access. (Talk about a tease.)

Talk about a tease: a candid self-portrait.

Talk about a tease: a candid self-portrait.

No, seriously, though, the charming native Texan’s been doing a great job publicising Dallas. You can ‘like’ some people on Facebook and never hear from them at all. Josh makes you feel like one of the family, so assiduous is he in the posting of photos and ‘Happy Friday’ or whatever day greetings. It’s very welcoming and I’m sure pays off, with every post generating about 1,500-3,000 likes and 100+ comments from FB fans. He really is a poster boy for the benefits of social networking when it comes to raising your profile and directly connecting to your market.

He acknowledges his good fortune in being able to do the job he does and probably puts it all down to God. Many successful Americans believe The Man Upstairs is on their side. Josh is similarly blessed with this heaven-sent sense of entitlement. A self-avowed and sincere Christian, you get the distinct feeling that he was born knowing he would inherit the earth. You know what, it really couldn’t go to a nicer guy.

If he hadn’t gotten into showbiz, Henderson might have played baseball or gone into modelling, one of those annoyingly beautiful and ripplingly athletic people with several strings to their bow. It’s like they got dealt a way better hand than the rest of us. I mean, how is it fair that Timothy Olyphant should also be a world-class swimmer? [And for more on Olyphant see another bashful blog here.]

YouTube reveals that Josh tends to get videoed coming out of clubs and restaurants, maybe having tipped the press off about his presence beforehand. He’s unfailingly polite and obliging to fans and anyone with cameras and microphones. Can he be this pleasant all the time? So far it would seem so.

Now and again he’s accompanied by tough-looking friends slash bodyguards (almost as if he’s in their custody). These heavies gently manhandle him outside different venues, manoeuvring him around like some willing and pliable mannequin with a firm and proprietary hand on the shoulder or back of the head. Perhaps they’re there to shield him from unwanted intrusion or to prevent him from sharing too much with anyone who happens to ask him a question. I reckon they’re simply over-protective buddies but they certainly present some intriguing scenarios.

His personal life betrays a penchant for celebrity airheads and bimbos although in interviews he professes a preference for the spontaneous, outdoorsy type. There’s rumour of a relationship with fellow Dallas star Julie Gonzalo (Pamela Barnes) but Josh declares himself to be currently single.[1]

Also writes and performs his own songs, including the entire soundtrack for his movie The Jerk Theory (2009). This includes ‘God Made You Beautiful’, a rather bewitching and heartfelt ballad but hey, can you honestly see this guy getting together with someone who didn’t naturally look like they’d been airbrushed?

His other material leans toward Justin Timberlake-like pop with effect-heavy vocals and a dance beat.  Some of the numbers are definite growers though – I can picture him scoring a hit with the right video for ‘Let It Go’ or ‘Tonight’, whose lyrics aren’t quite as innocent and pure of intention as ‘God Made You’ but probably just as much in earnest. And there’s no denying the boy can sing.[2]

Oh, I remember when I was young and Dallas was on – I used to fancy Cliff Barnes. A lot. Scary but true. I can’t recall all that much about the crush but suspect I fell for him because he was intelligent and seemed to have integrity. Not so much now, gotta say. Looks were a low priority with me in those days, it would seem. How times have changed.

But then I listen to John Ross preface or append some remark to one of his many lovers[3] with a careless darlin’ and he could be JR, the late great Larry Hagman, playing both sides and loving every minute of it. That drawled darlin’, along with Sue Ellen and Bobby, the views of Southfork and the city skyline, can transport me back to that heady time of big hair, big shoulders and big big soaps.

Quick background Josh facts

  1. He won the US version of Popstars and became part of a band called Scene 23.
  2. His character Austin McCann romanced Julie Meyer (Andrea Bowen) on Desperate Housewives, after she declared herself to have no interest in ‘swaggering muscle-bound juvenile delinquents’ and he claimed to have ‘felt violated’ by her staring at his abs.
  3. He was born in Dallas, Texas but moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma with his mother.
  4. Has heterochromia, with one green and one blue eye.
  5. He is currently filming a movie called Swelter.

Take a look at my last blog on Josh taking on the mantle of the Dallas antihero.

[1] Update on dating situation – Josh is now stepping out with actress and reality TV star Andrea Boehlke. I heard that one dating deal-breaker with Josh is that he won’t go out with anyone who’s Googled him. I too have strict dating stipulations, one of which is that I refuse to date anyone who says ‘At the end of the day’, which disqualifies him and practically everyone else in the world. Think I’m going to be single a whole while longer with that proviso. ‘To be honest’ is another turn-off. People who pepper their conversation with that kind of unnecessary flannel make me want to stick my head in the lawnmower. Anyone else got any no-nos on the dating front?

[2] His songs featured in the series Over There and he may also write some material to sing in the next season of Dallas. It’s rumoured he can also dance pretty good.

[3] The character is a total tramp, shamelessly revelling in bedding all and sundry with a view to blackmail or a good deal. His sexual shenanigans often amount to whoring but that’s evidently not something a dude with such questionable morals baulks at. For this and all JRs, it would seem, the ends always justify the means.


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  1. alravam says:

    Badger—you have turned me into a fan: he always impressed me, but, the young whipper-snapper also composes, plays and sings his own compositions…? As a straight man, I must say…he *could* “turn” me….

  2. […] That’s not to mention a proclivity to strip down to his underwear at the least provocation. This may take inspiration from the actor’s own tendency toward exhibitionism. See blog on Josh in his underwear. […]

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