Watching a Panorama about train fares and how customers are being taken for a ride, I wonder why no documentary has been made investigating the enforced introduction of digital TV? Perhaps because TV companies have a vested interest in the scheme and no intention of shooting themselves in the foot?

No other TV innovation or new channel has meant that, unless we invest in the latest technology, we will lose the channels we have. We might have had to buy or upgrade equipment in order to receive a new channel but, if we chose not to, it didn’t mean we lost the current service.

Who do we complain to about these proposals? Is there an anti-switchover, anti-digital consumer pressure group to coordinate opposition?

Also, à propos of nothing, why in these days of massive screens are the TV pictures getting smaller and smaller (especially for films) so that they only take up a tiny fraction of the screen? Is that to encourage us all to buy huge TVs?


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